Reviews for the book “The Fault in the Stars”

Reviews for the book “The Fault in the Stars”

I tried my best to throw out everything I heard about this book before reading. And how she is praised, and for what she is scolded. It turned out to be a really good book.

The syllable is not at all primitive, it is simple, but these are different things: the author is attentive enough to details to bring the story to life.

The book is not full of snot. Expecting snot, I rolled my eyes once, but the snot both began and ended instantly. And it became clear that they are really needed there.

It is precisely because they cut off so abruptly and last so little.

The book is indeed predictable, but not one hundred percent. Some plot twists surprised me, but I knew the denouement of the main line in advance, so I didn’t expect it to surprise me. And looked closely at other things.

The book says something important. It seems to me that it paradoxically teaches us to love life and be less afraid of death.

I did not see the dredge-extractor and speculation on the sick: if you blame John Green for this, then blame all the books for this, at the very least, based on real events. That is, if we consider a book about cancer patients to be speculation on the feelings of the reader, then why don’t we consider books about World War II to be so?

And “the stars are to blame”, it seems to me, means that no one is to blame. There is no one to blame. There is no one for people with cancer to push their anger onto their own dying.

Better on the stars than on relatives and friends, on doctors and nurses, on passers-by and bystanders – they all do what they can and try to understand as best they can.

But at the same time, this book is not a masterpiece or the greatest novel of all times and peoples. It is not devoid of small flaws inherent in hundreds and thousands of other good books. (For example, why Hazel, a clever student, well-read and ironic, until recently did not understand what was happening with the writer Peter van Hooten – yes, obviously, it was written in large letters on his forehead!) Such books may well become loved for someone simply because that happened very on time and hit the mark. And for the rest they will remain just good books.


He could have written a sequel to the book for her, but he did much more – made her believe in a dream….

We are all sick. Someone to a lesser extent, someone to a greater extent, no one is protected from this. But for some, the outcome is a foregone conclusion. For decades, humanity has been trying to find a universal cure for cancer, but to no avail. It helps someone, but basically the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

Moreover, for all that, it is impossible to say in advance whether a person will get sick or not, it does not depend on his financial situation either. Age is also not the main factor, you may be 70, you may be 6. Many people think that this is just a predisposition, but, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Because this does not explain why an 8-year-old girl died and why a 17-year-old teenager is waiting to die. Others will say that this is the will of God. But will this be a relief for parents who have lost their only child?

Rather, on the contrary, it will cause anger and resentment. But no one thinks that in fact it is worth saying thank you that the suffering of a loved one is over. The person no longer suffers from pain, everything is over for him.

And I understand how hard it is to let go of a person.

Still, it’s worth doing. Because many do not understand that a person will no longer suffer. And holding and clinging, this is only an extension of the agony.

Perhaps my words are cruel, but this happened in my family twice. The first time is my grandmother’s sister. For ten years she suffered, she was in great pain.

My grandmother had to change her clothes every day, wash her, because she herself could no longer go to the restroom and take care of herself. She cried every day because there was nothing she could do. The second case is my husband’s uncle, he was diagnosed with brain cancer. These are terrible pains and seizures, but until the very end he did not take a single pill.

As he said then, “all the same, they do not relieve pain and do not take away the disease, they only dull consciousness, and I want to be conscious until the end”. I saw everything from start to finish, it’s scary and those who have withstood it are already heroes. Therefore, I see no reason to shift everything onto someone and blame it for this. For those who are sick, such words will spoil the last days even more, because a person begins to blame himself for causing so much trouble.

It’s not his fault.

And in the book there are just two examples of such a life roulette. The first case is August. His parents are quite wealthy, and he himself was a rather healthy and athletic boy.

Until he was diagnosed with cancer. As you can see, money is not an indicator. The second case is a 17-year-old girl. She just fell ill with laryngitis, which they could not cure normally, then it turned into pneumonia and fungus in the lungs, followed by the development of cancer cells.

Again, the cause is not heredity. I don’t know how accurately the book describes the diagnoses, cancer has many varieties, and I’m not a doctor, but I know one thing for sure – it’s very severe pain and suffering. And the meaning of this book is not to tearfully call someone to answer, not to develop a medicine (it helps someone, someone does not, each case is individual), but to enjoy every moment of life, no matter what.

The story is fascinating precisely because even in such circumstances there is a place for love. Of course, the outcome of this story is a foregone conclusion, but everyone decides for himself how to leave. Smile or shed tears and feel sorry for yourself. The heroes preferred to enjoy life until the very end. And in its own way it is fascinating, because even healthy people are not always happy and joyful.

And here – you know for sure that you will die, and you still value every moment of your life. This is important. And the tears here are not from compassion, because such a person deserves not pity, but respect.

Tears are here from the strength of the spirit when a person is struggling. And I love this look. After all, one could just shut up and wait for death stupidly. And here, here, two people fell in love, took part in a small adventure and wrote the life story themselves. Of course, it hurts to lose a child, it hurts to lose the person you love, but the most important thing is that all this was not in vain.

And it is interesting here just, that very named adventure. Meeting with the author.

In the beginning, I didn’t understand why a person is so harsh and rude to others. But the further you read, the more you understand the other side of the joy of the last moments. This is just an example of the fact that a person cannot cope.

And also, you understand what kind of suffering a writer experiences when he loses a child. For example, Elizabeth Gaskell wrote North and South after her child died. But we all see her creation, but we do not see what intense suffering she experienced.

And here it is just shown what the author experiences after the death of his child. This is a hell that not everyone can get through. 22 years to keep in mind, scroll and expect everything to change. He writes a book to resurrect, at least on paper, his child, to allow him to grow up.

And then go into the intoxication of alcohol to drown out the suffering. And this man said the main thing “these are the mistakes of the stars.” To understand the meaning of this phrase, you need to remember one of the beliefs. They say that when a child is born, an asterisk lights up in the sky, and when a person dies, it goes out.

And here it went out before the person died. There was a mistake, a glitch that brings agony.

And August could just write a continuation of this story, change something. But he wrote something that is much more important – how much he loves and what this person has done for him. And this is much more important.

Therefore, this book does not cause the pain of loss, on the contrary, it teaches us to live and appreciate every moment of life.

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